Waterloo Tech Highlights for October 2020 

Our goal is to provide you with a monthly primer on significant news events from private Waterloo-based technology companies in 5 minutes or less. 

Knowledgehook raised $20M in a round that was led by a shy London-based investor and also included Alexandria Corp, Nelson Education, Ideal Ventures and Nicoya Ventures.


FunnelCake got acquired by Varicent.


Cloud DX announced a 5x increase in revenues since Q1 this year, including deals with McMaster, Vital Aire, Yukon Territories and Alberta.  They've added a CFO and head of Manufacturing and opened a manufacturing facility in Kitchener.


Igloo Software named Mike Gaburo as CEO, positioning the company for their next stage of growth.


Curiato's partnership with Toronto Grace Health Centre got a positive update.


Huron Digital announced a sale to the Joint Pathology Center as they seek to digitize their database.


BinSentry announced an exclusive distribution deal with Cargill.


Plum launched their Talent Resilience Platform, helping companies map out their human capital potential and understand their future gaps.


Primal's case management application and search solution was deployed by Gowlings across Canada to manage case workflow and automate their legal research.


Shinydocs continues to grow, benefitting from the pandemic with sales wins at big-infrastructure companies who are diverting funds from facility maintenance to digital expansion and innovation.


Smile added Maggie Fox as their COO.


The Owl Solutions got a profile that includes mentions of closing deals with a Mitsubishi facility, Jamieson Labs and QSC.


Signal announced they're shutting down their service and moving on.


Ground News launched a bias checker browser extension.


Monogram launched a cool new website that's perfectly built for their product and audience.

Chris’ Thoughts



I tend to see what's wrong with the world.  I was fortunate to marry an optimist who sees the best, enabling me to see natural beauty and potential in others that I probably would have missed.


Like many, I've been troubled by the cauldron of venom that's been brewing, mostly on social media sites.  From Chris Pratt getting "cancelled" for not hating Donald Trump vocally, to a British Woman's motives lambasted for adopting orphans from Tanzania

It feels like we're teetering on the edge of a digital gang war where the most important thing is to pick a side.  Maybe a winter of physical isolation will calm everybody down...


It's hard to not just condemn the judgers.  On a bad day I find myself there as well.  I'm really good at seeing things that can go wrong and understanding people's true motivations.  But being right all the time makes my world small.  Instead, I need to be curious.


Possibly the best show I've watched in maybe forever, Ted Lasso won me over.  Each episode has this positive, clueless underdog, out-foxing the haters and bringing a positive message.  I'd highly recommend the whole series, but this climatic sequence from Episode 8, sums up a great alternative to the hating and judgment.  Our family has talked about this almost every day for the past few weeks in an effort to call each other to a life of curiosity.

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