Waterloo Tech Highlights for September 2021

Our goal is to provide you with a monthly primer on significant news events from private Waterloo-based technology companies in 5 minutes or less.

Convictional raised US$6.7M in funding led by solo VC Lachy Groom who also led their last round.

Plum closed a round of equity funding led by Real Ventures and including EduLab Capital. This year they have helped Whirlpool achieve their goal of increasing the number of women hired by 5% and increasing visible minority hires by 78%.

Magnet Forensics acquired DME Forensics, a video and multimedia evidence solution company for up to US$9M after earnouts. Magnet plans to retain all 19 of DME's employees.

Alchemy won a $1M development contract from the Canadian Armed Forces to develop advanced coatings for army uniforms.

VueReal announced they have received their first volume commercial orders for transparent displays from auto and aerospace customers.

Miovision announced a partnership and product integration with Rapid Flow, an industry leader in traffic flow optimization.

KA Imaging is starting a fundraising process. They have continued to receive praise from key opinion leaders and were included in the WHO compendium of innovative health technologies for low-resource settings.

Intellijoint announced a partnership with Waterloo-based Emmetros to deliver a patient engagement solution, moving them beyond just the operating room and leveraging some local med-tech talent.

Clearpath's Husky has been adopted by Integrant to build a last mile autonomous delivery solution.

Vidyard has partnered with Theta Lake in compliance-heavy industries like financial services to enable content creators to send videos that get analyzed in real time for potential compliance risks.

NERv is looking for a Principal/Senior Data Scientist, if any readers know a good candidate.

Grobo launched 13 new products including this cool looking Water Chiller.

Chris’ Thoughts

The Miracles We Miss

What’s the most amazing thing you’ve ever seen? For me it might be a live volcano. We hiked for hours through a high pass in thick cloud then, while descending suddenly we got below the cloud line and there it was, shooting in the air just like in the movies. Amazing.

My sister has a better answer to this. At the start of COVID, there was a massively obese woman she met while walking her dog. I think she said she was over 300 lbs. This lady said she was going to walk 10km every day until she lost 150lbs. And sure enough, every single day my sister would see her out sweating and working, regardless of the weather or the conditions. And the change was dramatic over a few months. Like a miracle in slow motion.

I like that story since it reminds me that I witness many miracles of personal transformation that I just don’t acknowledge. While I believe in the notion of promoting people who know a business, so often I anchor them in my first impression and don’t allow them to occupy what they’ve become, or even better what they are still becoming. Anybody can marvel at something spectacular or a person with a unique skill, but it takes a special kind of Ted Lasso ability to recognize the journey a person is undertaking, to truly appreciate it and cheer them as a fan would a runner, nudging them onward.

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