Waterloo Tech Highlights for June 2021

Our goal is to provide you with a monthly primer on significant news events from private Waterloo-based technology companies in 5 minutes or less.

ApplyBoard raised another $375M at a post-money valuation of $4B led by Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Board.

Skywatch raised US$17M in equity in a round led by Drive Capital that also included Bullpen Capital, Space Capital, Golden Ventures and BDC Ventures.

Vidyard continues to grow rapidly, reporting 5000 new business customers and 7m users across their platform. Platform engagement was up over 250% last year and they're up to 300 employees.

RideCo recently won a deal to power Chicago Transit's PaceBus and will double their client base in 2021.

Intellijoint set another monthly record for surgeries performed in June.

Evercloak received $147,000 from the Department of Defence to build a coating that kills coronaviruses.

Cloud DX announced a commercial deal with the Lung Foundation for remote monitoring of COPD patients. They also announced a distribution deal with Maxwell Telecare.

ISARA is in the market, announcing their Advance Crypto Agility Suite.

Vena Medical got on their first hospital approved vendor list, UTMB Health in Galveston, TX.

TextNow added Norman de Greve, CMO at CVS to their board of directors.

KA Imaging continues to progress towards commercialization, receiving MDSAP certification as well as signing a couple more US distributors.

[Fun stuff] Auvik's Lawrence Popa takes a 40 year old Atari 800 online to browse the web.

Chris’ Thoughts

Three observations to commemorate Canada Day.


My wife has befriended a Syrian refugee named Eman, a young woman with six kids and a husband who suffers from PTSD. The family has been a joy to watch as they've embraced their new home and tried to make the most of having to start over with nothing. A couple weeks ago Eman received her Canadian citizenship and the whole family was decked out in red and white, celebrating the occasion. The kids "never want to leave" Canada where they're safe from gunfire, IEDs and have a chance to be educated. From learning his first English words four years ago and spending six years before that in refugee camps without education, Eman's 18-year-old son was accepted to the CS and Business program at Waterloo and Laurier this fall. Now that's something to celebrate!

While our past includes real pain for some, our present stability represents hope for many - a decade ago it was refugees from Bosnia and today it's Syrians who find shelter, peace and stability within our borders.

Our National Food

Is there anything better than fresh Strawberries on a day like this? If the maple leaf is our plant and the beaver is our national animal, then strawberries should be our food. I'm going to eat Ontario strawberries all day.

Another Incubator

While I believe we have too many accelerators and incubators, this one is impossible to fault. Last week I attended the first Advisory Board meeting of the Indigenous Innovation Accelerator, an initiative from the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology (SIIT) a new program they're building to cultivate Indigenous entrepreneurship, and provide aspiring entrepreneurs with the unique tools, skills and resources necessary to ensure a more sustainable path forward for Indigenous communities. It's impossible to not love the mission, and while there's significant risk and challenges, I'm hopeful they'll carve a path forward and get real assistance from other centers.

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